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Hi, I am Robbie Alekson and I’ve been growing organic produce for 17 years. I designed this website as a way for other people to become self-sufficient, and to get away from the excessive food prices. Using the aquaponic grow method is one of the best ways of growing fresh produce, and it grows so quickly!

You can find some great articles on the site to help you learn about this awesome farming method, that produces much more growth in a shorter amount of time.

I created a FREE Email “Mini-Course” to make getting this important information easier than ever. The course starts with showing you what aquaponics is all about, how you can grow food , and how to save time and money. Once you understand the basics, we will talk about how to grow all kinds of delicious crops using aquaponics.



In this FREE ‘Mini’ E-Course, You’ll Learn:

Why organic produce that is grown using aquaponics grows 4 to 10 times faster than with older growing methods like hydroponics, but are just as nutritious…
The “best” aquaponics system for newbies – that’s simple to setup cheaply…
How to build a commercial aquaponic business by enlarging your harvest in a few quick steps…
What materials you can get to build the system with that are cheap and/or recycled – and where to find them…
What aquaponics is all about, and how to save hundreds on gas and food every month…
checkmark Why most people have problems growing food at home, and how to build your aquaponic system right to avoid these issues….
checkmark Why natural food is the freshest you can get, and how to harvest food every week from your system the RIGHT way…
checkmark The top Organic Gardening tips for growing chemical free food, including 4 natural substances you can use to grow organic produce without pesticides or fertilizer…
checkmark How to build a ranch tank, a “solar pond”, and convert a regular garden to a home aquaponic system…
checkmark Much, much more!

Just LOOK at what one happy person had to say about my
FREE E-Course:

“Thank you for providing this in-depth mini-course. It helped me immensely by learning how to properly setup my own home aquaponics system. I was having a hard time getting my onions and radishes to sprout, and could not figure out why. The fish were growing rapidly, but the water was a bit murky and I had to remove a few dead fish from the tank. Once I started getting your Email Course, I discovered that I had set up my fish in the holding tank the wrong way. I moved them to a larger and more appropriate fish tank, cycled the water as you instructed, and the new holding tank was ready about 4 days later. The results were noticeable right away. Within about 2 weeks of re-introducing the fish to our ‘improved’ home aquaponic system, my onions started sprouting, and there were new buds on my tomato plants. Thank you for all of your tips!

Joanna, Denver, Colorado

Lessons Included:

Why Aquaponics Is so Much Better than Aquaponics
How Does an Aquaponics System Work?
A Self-sustaining System that Provides Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
How Efficient is an Aquaponics system?
Meet the Three Aquaponic Variants – ranch tank, solar pond, water pump flow system
4 Easy Organic Gardening Tips you can use today
Aquaponic Flow Systems Explained
What Type of Material Is Best for Holding Tanks?
The Essential Components of an Aquaponic System
Aquaponic Systems Are Flexible
The Simplest Design Is the Best for Home Systems
Freshwater Fishes for Your Aquaponic Tank
Short Video for Aquaponics Enthusiasts
Using solar power with an aquaponics system
check out these cool aquaponics videos
Why The System Will Require Maintenance If You Don’t Set It Up Correctly
How You Can Use “Nutrient Soup” To Feed Your Plants
Why the Water MUST Circulate In An Aquaponics System
The Nutrient Film Technique and Root Rot




Robbie Alekson

Robbie Alekson

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