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Welcome to Your one stop resource for everything Aquaponics. 

Are you interested in growing your own food with minimal effort? Are you curious about all the benefits that an Aquaponics System can bring into your life? 

Are you looking for a practical, rewarding and planet friendly hobby? If so, let our enthusiastic team help you get started!

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Who We Are

Learn about Aquaponics with us!

Established in 2020, we provide helpful advice, tips, and product reviews for anyone interested in aquaponics.

We can help anyone who is looking to get started on their aquaponics journey, as well as strategies for maximizing food production, expanding existing aquaponics set ups and everything in between.

Learn about diverse methods for growing specific fruits and veggies, different fish species perfect for an aquaponic environment – reviews on pre-made systems or if you are more interested in DIY, follow our steps to build your own setup at home

Our team at are dedicated to providing up-to-date guidance on everything aquaponics. Fish types, plant varieties, systems, maintenance and care, we have it all – so dive right in now!

Latest Articles

aquaponics system wasabi

How to Grow Wasabi

If you have ever wanted to enjoy fresh wasabi for your sushi or other recipes but were put off by the high prices, growing it yourself in an aquaponic system may be a great solution.

duckweed aquaponics

How to Grow Duckweed

Are you looking for an easy, low-maintenance way to supply your aquaponic system with natural and sustainable nutrition? This blog article is for you as it's incredibly easy to cultivate.

aquaponic vegetables

Differences between Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Having knowledge about hydroponics and aquaponics is important for anyone looking to become an aquaponics expert. Both methods offer tremendous potential.

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