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About Us

Our Story

It has been well over 10 years since my friend explained what aquaponics was to me, and it has stuck with me ever since. It seemed like such an obvious solution to so many ecological problems – checking boxes for water wastage, healthy eating, self-sufficiency, and many more.

I have always been amazed (and horrified) at the level of waste in today’s world – particularly in our food supply chain and agriculture. As I learned more about what aquaponics is and how it works, I was quite perplexed that it wasn’t more ‘mainstream’ and on every corner, so to speak.

Due to my circumstances, I have never had the roots (pardon the pun) to get involved and set up a system of my own. That hasn’t kept me from reading and viewing plenty of material on the subject, and patiently planning the system I will one day be able to build.

It is only recently that the idea sprang into my mind that I can engage and contribute to this scene by starting up a website to help spread the message.

What We Do

At, our passionate team is your go-to source for concise, unbiased reviews and information on aquaponics systems, their components and steps, and strategies for DIYers.

Our mission is to help navigate you through the fascinating world of aquaponics.   We aim to simplify your online search when you are looking to buy.
The team and I are constantly adding to our knowledge center in our drive to educate and inspire your interest in this great niche in the sustainable living space.

Our Goal

At we are on a mission to revolutionize the way we grow food. Founded with a deep passion for sustainable agriculture, our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to get the message of Aquaponics out to the world no matter where you are.

Our main goal is to make aquaponics more accessible to everyone at every level with practical steps, and easy ways to integrate this fascinating topic into everyday life.

From information on small indoor pre-built aquaponics systems, to complete backyard set-ups as well as an extensive DIY section. We look to help the budding beginner all the way through to seasoned gardeners.

What Now?

Join us in this exciting journey toward a more sustainable world. Explore our site, discover the wonders of this eco-friendly farming technique, and become a part of our growing community.

Head over to our Contact Us Page if you ever want to get in touch.

All the best in Life as well as the garden,

Warmest regards,

Robert Alec

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