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Aquaponics Systems

Discover the 3 main techniques used in the aquaponics community.
Media Based Systems, Nutrient Film Technique and Deep Water Culture

All Things Aquaponics Systems

Dive deep and discover all the types of systems, methods and set ups that are used in Aquaponics. Media Based Beds, Nutrient Film technique and Deep Water Culture are 3 of the most common systems found in the aquaponics scene.  Other popular variants and hybrids that are found in aquaponics, such as barrelponics and vertical farming will all fall under one of the 3 main categories of systems.  

Whether your current or planned aquaponics system is indoors, outdoors, or somewhere in between like a greenhouse, you will need to be using one of these systems. Dig around our collection of article, tips, hints and tricks to find the one that most suits you circumstances and goals.

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