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Aquaponics4You Review

Aquaponics4You is a food growing system that contains step by step instructions that can be followed by anyone that has an interest in growing their own garden-fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The company started gaining popularity in the mainstream about 3 years ago, when worldwide food prices began skyrocketing. Here’s what we think about the service in this Aquaponics 4 review.

The reason I created this webpage is to educate those folks that are interested in the possibility of growing vegetables and raising clean fresh fish, and to provide insight into whether or not Aquaponics4You delivers on its claims that it is a system which anyone can follow to start a sustainable food production system that is relatively inexpensive and requires very little ongoing maintenance.

The Aquaponics 4 You system was written by John Fay, an authorized Natural Farmer and long-time Aquaponics enthusiast. It was designed to be easy to follow, and to help an average person to grow produce much faster than with traditional gardening methods.

What is Aquaponics4You?

Aquaponics4You is a 33 page eBook, that is designed to teach a complete novice how to grow their own organic produce and clean fish for personal consumption.

The Aquaponics4You guide begins with a short introduction to the hydroponics and aquaculture farming methods. This introduction also discusses how aquaponics is a combination of these 2 growing techniques, and how the aquaponics method solves the major drawbacks of using both techniques.

The Aquaponics4You system includes photos, diagrams, and 2 instructional videos that someone can utilize to implement the steps in the system. It is designed so that a complete novice can understand the concepts of aquaponics, the steps to build an aquaponics system, and any fine tuning that may have to be done to get the most from your aquaponics system.

The Basics of Aquaponics 4 You

The basics of an aquaponics system are that you typically raise edible fish in a holding tank, and the solid waste and ammonia created by the fish are used to organically fertilize the crops that you grow. The plants tend to grow much faster in an aquaponics system since their roots are exposed to fertilizer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How this works is an interesting part of using the Aquaponics4You technique. The fish wastewater is converted to a usable form by healthy bacteria that are cultivated in the water, and the roots of the plants collect and absorb these nutrients. By doing so, the plants also filter the water for the fish, and the need to constantly replace and recondition the water for the fish is eliminated.

What You Can Grow with Aquaponics4You


You can grow most types of fruit and vegetables using the Aquaponics4You system. The plants that typically do the best are the ones with a compact root structure, such as lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, onions, potatoes, melons, carrots, and a wide variety of fresh herbs. There are many other vegetables and fruits you can grow, and the guide has more details on the ones that typically grow the best.


The Aquaponics4You system includes details about the different types of fish that you can use, and how to go about selecting the right ones for the crops you intend to grow. Since there are many different types of fruits and vegetables that can be grown organically, having a guide to help you choose the right fish is a good idea.

The types of fish that the system talks about include trout, tilapia, jade perch, barramundi, murray cod, white bass, crappies, silver perch, carp, koi, catfish, and goldfish. It should be noted that you do not have to raise edible fish with the Aquaponics4You system. The guide also discusses how you can use “ornamental fish” to nourish the plants, if you have no intentions of eating clean fish.

Getting the Most Out Of The Guide

If you are like most people, you will probably want to start with a small system, and once you have it producing fresh vegetables, scale it up so that it can produce even more. The Aquaponics4You technique is well-suited to doing this, however, the system also includes the ratios that you need to start with a larger system if you like.

The feedback from users is that the instructions are written in a way that is easy to understand and follow, and that all of the steps you need to build a fully functioning system are included.

The Benefits of the Aquaponics4You system include:

• You can grow your own organic food, and be certain that the produce has no harmful pesticides or chemicals

• A smaller system will cost you around $100 to start

• You can feel confident that the fish you eat have no mercury or other dangerous chemicals

• The ongoing costs are for the food to feed the fish, and the ongoing maintenance is minimal after about the second month

With aquaponics, you will get better results than you would if you were growing food in a regular garden. The plants receive nutrients constantly, not just when you add Miracle Grow to the soil. The plants clean the water, keeping the fish healthy, and preventing you from having to replace the water – like in an aquaculture system (where 10% of the water has to be changed daily).

For additional savings, and to be more environmentally friendly, you can use a variety of recycled materials to build an aquaponics system. You can use an old grill top to grow the plants in, and either an old bathtub or an old barrel with a food grade plastic liner as a fish holding tank. The rest of the supplies you need can be found at any hardware store, or very easily online.

If you don’t want to raise fresh fish, you can use “manure tea” to feed the plants. You don’t even have to worry about fish at all with this setup if you don’t want to.

The Potential Negatives of Aquaponics4You

Most of the users have a positive experience, but there are also some folks that had negative things to say about aquaponics:

• If you are in a region where there is low sunlight, you may have to purchase grow lights

• If you plan on a large home system, you may end up spending $300 or $400 on the materials and supplies you need to build the system. Using recycled materials or items from garage sales can reduce the costs by 50-75%.

• Some localities will not allow certain types of fish to be raised in a backyard. For example, in certain towns and cities in the U.S., it is illegal to raise tilapia at home. You will have to check the local laws to make sure that the fish you decide on are permitted.

Aquaponics4You Review Conclustion

The concensus of the Aquaponics4You users is that it is a complete program, and provides the step by step instructions that you need to build a sustainable system.

Aquaponics4You is offered through Clickbank, with a 60-Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee – so you are fully covered if you try the system, and it does not work as it is advertised.

When you purchase Aquaponics4You, there are 5 additional growing guides included for free – on gardening which are loaded with suggestions and ideas. This will help you to develop a well-rounded knowledge base about gardening and will help you in getting the freshest organic produce out of your system.

Evidently, Aquaponics4You has a responsive customer care team in case you have any issues. Users have reported that they typically get answers to their questions in 24-48 hours.

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