Conserving Water In Backyard or Indoor Herb Gardens

How To Conserve Water Now Even if you haven’t decided to build your own backyard aquaponics home system yet, chances are that you already have an indoor herb garden or a small organic garden in your backyard. As most gardeners know, conserving water can be difficult, and to maintain a decent looking garden, we need … Read more

Basics Of Growing Aquaponic Cucumbers and Squash

As with most aquaponics plants that grow on vines, you will have the best results if you build something for the vines to climb and grow on. The best ideas are usually some sort of string configuration that is anchored directly above or to the side of the plants. You may also opt for a … Read more

Aquaponics4You Review

Aquaponics4You is a food growing system that contains step by step instructions that can be followed by anyone that has an interest in growing their own garden-fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Aquaponics 4 You began gaining popularity in the mainstream about 3 years ago, when worldwide food prices began skyrocketing. The reason I created this … Read more

Great YouTube Aquaponics Video Collection

Aquaponics Video Collection For You Video 1 ** This homemade video shows a system that is a little larger and more elaborate. This gentleman uses a mechanical pump for his system, and has a very nice garden that he started just 3 months earlier. Video 2 ** This is a home video showing a simple … Read more

Aquaponics Systems Tips 1-3

Aquaponics Systems Tip #1 Day 1: The #1 Reason For Aquaponics System Problems Almost all problems with freshwater fish and organic vegetables can be traced back to one thing. POOR WATER CONDITIONS Sadly, it’s common for many aquaponics beginners to fail to monitor the pH levels of the water in their aquaponics system closely enough. … Read more

Types of Homemade Aquaponics Systems

Most aquaponics systems are freshwater systems, where you raise freshwater fish. You need to decide if continuous flow or flood and drain aquaponics (aka ebb and flow) is right for you. Of course there are saltwater systems also, which have come about as people have experimented with raising saltwater fish. The main advantage of freshwater … Read more

Commercial Aquaponics Business Plans

Commercial Aquaponics Business Plans This method is a fantastic way to grow organic fruits and vegetables and has gained popularity in the media in recent years as a way to start your own sustainable commercial business. Part of this increase in popularity is because aquaponics systems create a self-sustaining closed freshwater fish tank that produces … Read more